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Meditation: Tuning into new PotentialsWith [ADD: Language] Voice OverWith [ADD: Language] SubtitleDr. Joe Dispenza message: "Start your new life!"With [ADD: Language] Voice OverWith [ADD: Language] Subtitle

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Documentary: Natural mind - The Art and Science of TransformationWith [ADD: Language] Voice Over[smartvideo_divi_module video_src="vimeo" vimeo=""...

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Shaping Your Future Lesson 4How Do We Do It? In this lesson, Dr. Joe Dispenza shares his experience trying to find the answer to why many find it hard to make measurable changes in their lives. In this online course, you find that you have within your reach, all the...

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Creating Your New Personal Reality Lesson 3The Act of Meditation IIf you are constantly stressed and all of your attention is on their outer world, then you are dis-connecting from the unified field of possibility. By shifting your attention from problems and...

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Why More People Aren't the Creators of Their Lives Lesson 2A Quantum Perspective Today, Dr. Joe highlights that nowadays most people are living in survival. And living in survival is living in stress. And stress oc­curs when your brain and body are knocked out of...

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Your Energy Follows Your Attention Lesson 1Welcome to this online course Below you will find the first video lesson. In the first video is Dr. Joe's lesson in German, in the second video is in the original language. Just choose which one you prefer!At the bottom of...