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Learn in this free introductory online course with Dr. Joe Dispenza how overcome your past and create a new life by understanding and applying the power of your thoughts, feelings and habits to live a healthier, wealthier and happier life!

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You have the power to create your own future.
In this free online training you will learn more about:


Your personal reality creates your personal reality. Master your thoughts to master your life.


It is scientifically proven that the body can heal by thought alone (“Placebo Effect”). Learn how your thoughts can affect your body.​


Break free from the chains of your past by understanding that you can overcome old memories and habits by defining yourself by a vision of your future​.

“We are conditioned to believe that the outer world is more real than our inner world. The new scientific model proves just the opposite.”

-Dr. Joe Dispenza

You now have the power to shape yourself

In this new free online training Dr. Joe Dispenza will show you that you have the inner strength to change the course of your life and all aspects of your future.
  • Understand the science behind your thoughts and how your thoughts create your reality.
  • Break unwanted emotional reactions and patterns.
  • Unlearn negative habits from the past.
  • Eliminate self-destructive behaviors.
  • Learn the secret of spontaneous remission.
  • Surrender to the unknown in order to open yourself to positive opportunities
  • Learn to send out new magnetic charges to attract what you want.
  • Eliminate self-destructive behaviors.
  • Learn the secret of spontaneous remission.
  • Surrender to the unknown in order to open yourself to positive opportunities
  • Learn to send out new magnetic charges to attract what you want.
  • Access your subconscious mind to change your brain wave patterns
  • Learn ways to rewire your brain to create a new personality and a new personal reality.
  • Discover a method of meditation to specifically access your subconscious mind for healing and creating the reality you desire.

These are the topics of the
free introductory online training:

Lesson 1: Why Change is so Hard

The process of change and transformation, of making your behaviors match your intentions is a difficult one. The challenge lies in your ability to close the gap between knowledge and experience. But change isn‘t as hard as you think if you know how to focus your attention and direct your energy. Your body constantly follows the direction of your mind as you place your
attention on different elements in your external world. It is possible then for your body to follow your mind to an unknown experience just like it does to one you’re familiar with.

Lesson 2: A Quantum Perspective

Today, most people are living in survival. And living in survival is living in stress. And stress occurs when your brain and body are knocked out of balance. Whenever you react to your outer environment emotionally, and you begin to tap from the invisible electromagnetic energy field surrounding your body and turn it into chemistry. Living in stress means the body becomes constantly aroused by the rush of energy from adrenaline. Over time, people start to become addicted to the sources of their stress and begin to seek them out.

Lesson 3: The Act of Meditation

If you are constantly stressed and all of your attention is on their outer world, then you are disconnecting from the unified field of possibility. However, when you reduce the sensory information that‘s coming into your brain from the physical reality, the more you can focus on your inner world of thoughts, and feelings. The action of doing this creates some very significant
physiological and biological changes in the brain. By shifting your attention from problems and disconnecting from your outer world, you go beyond your body and time.

Lesson 4: How Do We Do It?

In this lesson, Dr. Joe Dispenza shares his experience trying to find the answer to why many find it hard to make measurable changes in their lives. In his book Breaking The Habit, he outlined
some of the principles of personal change and transformation. In You Are The Placebo, he shows people how to heal by thought alone. In this online course, you find that you have
within your reach, all the machinery to connect to the unified field of intelligence around you. You learn how to organize your autonomic nervous system and create more wholeness and
balance in your body.

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Tko je Dr Joe Dispenza?

Dr Joe Dispenza prvi puta istupa u javnost kao jedan od istraživača u nagrađivanom filmu “Koji k… uopće znamo?”. Film je objavljen 2004. godine, a nakon toga Dr Joe Dispenza širi i produbljuje svoj rad i učenja. Njegov glavni interes je korištenje najnovijih otkrića iz područja neuroznanosti i kvantne fizike za izlječenje bolesti i stvaranje smislenog i sretnog života. Dr Joe je duboko uvjeren da svako ljudsko biće ima svojstvenu snagu ostvariti svoj puni potencijal u svakom aspektu svog života.

“Dr Joe Dispenza je liječnik, znanstvenik i moderni mistik… Jednostavnim, jasnim i lako razumljivim pristupom u jednom svesku je povezao otkrića kvantne znanosti i drevna znanja kojima su neki posvetili čitav život i radni vijek.​”

—  iz predgovora Gregga Bradena, autora bestsellera New York Timesa “Čovjek po nacrtu” i “Božanska matrica”